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My work is the result of my last 14 years as immigrant translated into three-dimensional paintings. The passage between the reality of my native country and my host country, made me understand that there is a third reality that has developed unconsciously; a third reality, which owes its existence to the need to accommodate others. This existential triangle, in which I wear different colors, is an experience lived by thousands of other people around the world.


Rather than judging these realities, I describe them using textures, colors, supports and materials. My goal is to allow the observer to have a new perspective on the complexity of the phenomenon of immigration.

Also dear to my heart are women challenges: gender equality, workplace discrimination, sexual and reproductive rights among others. In an era where it seems that as a society a lot have been accomplished, I believe that we must stand up for women's rights as we have created other pockets of inequality that are important to be corrected rapidly. It is important to remember that women rights are also human rights.

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